Your Beauty Pictures

Want to have your very own Beauty Project photographs, but not have them displayed for the world to see?Untitled57
It’s understandable. Over the years Steve has been asked about doing “private” shoots, where the images are kept only with the owners and not used on the website, gallery exhibits and other places the project is shown. While the project itself is centered around the idea of the models being proud enough to display their bodies for art, there is still a LARGE majority of people that shudder at the thought of that.
However, what if the images could be kept private, for just your enjoyment? For you and your spouse, partner or friends without EVER having to worry about them appearing in public (unless by your doing)!
Steve Gatlin is now offering the opportunity for you to commission your own Beauty Project shoot!
Each shoot will be customized based on your own desires in terms of locations and poses. Experience the thrill of standing on a freeway overpass late at night, having your photograph taken, while cars whiz by underneath none the wiser that your right above them.
If you’re not into the total “thrill” of it, many of the photographs found in the Beauty Project were actually taken in non-populated areas, and even private backyards.
SavannahNightsThis is about getting the pictures that YOU want, so collaboration is always a top priority.
As with all of Steve’s Beauty Project shoots, you can decide how much, or how little you’d like to show in the images. A common technique of “covering up” certain areas with hands and arms is referred to as creating an “implied nude” photograph. These can be just as beautiful!

About the shoot:
Once you have decided to “GO FOR IT” you will set a date with Steve for your big night! As the shots are done in the dark, the earliest time to begin is at sunset. The shoot can start at that point and continue until completed. A typical shoot lasts 1-2 hours.
Prior to the shoot, you will have a discussion with Steve about what type of shots you’re interested in, locations, fears, concerns, etc… You will also be informed about what to bring, what to expect and any other questions you have will be answered at that time.
The night of the shoot you will meet at the pre-determined destination and begin from there. Multiple locations may be used so traveling by car is recommended.DenverNights4
You are more than welcome to bring a friend or anyone else along to watch and provide any “support” you might need. If this is a surprise gift for a special someone please make sure all parties know that going in.
You will also receive a signed contract stating that these images are for your PRIVATE use and will not be used for any public displays of the Beauty Project at any point in the future. This contract will be in your possession before any photographs are taken.

After the shoot:
Within a week of your shoot you will receive digital proofs of the results. From there you can discuss with Steve what type of “finished products” you would like out of your images. The “basic” package comes with the following:

Basic Package:
– One nighttime shoot at the location(s) of your choice, or as decided.
– Digital proofs of the images. (See * below)
– 1 Matted and Signed print of your choice. (Matting up to 16×20″)
Total Price: $500
(within 30 miles of Marin County. Additional costs applied for mileage and other expenses for out of the area.)
– Additional matted and signed print sizes and prices are available.
* Note: because the images are captured with film cameras using what are considered “experimental” techniques there are times when some images do not result as planned. However, because of Steve’s many years honing these techniques he is able to capture a high volume of photographs as he envisions them.KansasNights11
– Steve uses a variety of cameras for the Beauty Project with varied results. Part of your consultation will include a discussion of the camera options.


A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required to book Steve for your shoot and lock in your date. In case if inclement weather your shoot will be re-scheduled at the earliest time convenient to both parties.
The remaining 50% is due upon receipt of your digital proofs and before proceeding with completing your order.
Payment can be made by cash, check or PayPal.
Book your shoot NOW by clicking the “Buy Now” button below!



(You will be contacted by Steve upon receipt of payment to schedule your shoot)

Want to bring a friend to shoot with you? Get 10% off your package price (each of you!)
For some clients, this experience can be made more comfortable by having a friend along for support. Well, bring a friend (or two, or more) along for a shoot themselves and you can EACH get 10% off of your basic package!
* The 10% will come off of the second payment. Initial $250 deposit/booking fee required. $200 will be due afterwards to complete your package.

Are you WAY out of the area, or even out of the state of California?
Steve routinely travels for various film and photography projects. So if you’re interested in booking a shoot, but live far away from the San Francisco Bay Area it may still be possible. Custom packages are available so it could be a matter of gathering a few friends together and figuring out a price that works for everyone. Let’s talk about it and make it happen!

Additional Questions or to book your shoot outside of using PayPal contact Steve here: