The Beauty Project

Long before the exhibits, publications and films about this work there was an idea.  It was an idea for one particular image that stewed in the back of my mind for many years.  There was a freeway overpass that I used to cross almost daily on my way to and from work.  Something about this particular spot always struck me as being a great location for a time-lapse nighttime photograph, shot from above with the passing car lights blurred below.  The kicker was that there would be a nude person in the foreground, clinging to the fence, and she would be in focus while everything below was not.
At that point in my life I had shot nearly every type of subject imaginable, except the nude human body.  I didn’t care to go out and shoot nudes just for the sake of shooting nudes, but the freeway overpass shot was something I thought would be incredible. A good friend volunteered to model for me, and the “Beauty Project” was born.
The project is all shot on film utilizing timelapse exposures of varying lengths. This is important for me to note because in this new world of digital photography I am often asked if some of the light techniques in the pictures were achieved in “photo shop.” I assure you they are all achieved on a single frame of film and I intend to continue this way until I can’t get it any more.
I invite you to have a look around the site. View the pictures, watch the videos, “like” it on Facebook and follow on Twitter! If you’re inspired to participate CONTACT ME about setting up a shoot with you.
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Flashes of Beauty

Short stories from some of the people who have modeled for the Beauty Project