The Beauty Project

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Synopsis – With the darkness of night serving as his studio, an enigmatic photographer uses everyday places and the human form to create his version of beauty in the world around him. For the past few years Steve Gatlin has been shooting photographs of nude people in public places at night. The photographs encompass what he calls The Beauty Project, an exploration of light, motion and the human form.

The hauntingly beautiful images that manifest from his work explain why he has an increasing lineup of volunteers, from everyday people to professional models.

Now, for the first time you can have a glimpse of what it’s like to work with the artist and hear from a few of the women who have modeled for him. Director Cory Pampalone has followed Gatlin on several shoots in an attempt to explore and explain what more and more people are seeing as, “an evolution in beauty and deconstruction of stereotypes.”

Running Time: 6 minutes

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Screening History:

2006 Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) “Official Selection”

2006  New York Short Short Film Festival, “Best Documentary”

2006  Metro Shorts – Detroit Film Competition/Festival “Official Selection”

2006 Tiburon Film Festival “Official Selection”

2005 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival “Official Selection”

2005 Zeitgeist International Film Festival “Official Selection”

2005 Forest Film Festival “Best Documentary”

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