Synopsis – This documentary film will pay tribute to the men and women of the surf world that were there in the 1960s, working in the trenches, creating and un-knowingly shaping the future of surfing as we know it today.

This handful of influential innovators had no idea at the time how their work would change the lives of millions of people through their innovative thinking and commitment to their craft.

Running Time: 57 minutes

Directed by Walter Georis

Director of Photography Steve Gatlin

Edited by Steve Gatlin and Walter Georis

Official Website:

Screening History:

2010 Newport Beach International Film Festival “Official Selection”

2010 Taranaki Surf Festival (New Zealand) “Official Selection”

2010 Tiburon International Film Festival “Official Selection”

2010 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival “Special Screening”

2010 Santa Barbara International Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 Wavescapes Surf Film Festival (South Africa) “Official Selection”

2009 California Surf Festival “Winner, Best Editing”

August 1, 2009 Surf Heritage Foundation, San Clemente Ca.