Beauty 24

“Has Oprah seen this?”
This is one of the most common questions Director Steve Gatlin recieves at Q&A sessions following screenings of Beauty 24. Find out why!

Synopsis – On September 1, 2005, photographer Steve Gatlin embarked on a challenge to travel the country for 24 days, each day visiting a new state to take just one photograph until he filled a single roll of film. To complicate matters each photograph was taken at night, outdoors, using time-lapse settings, and the models were all in the nude.

From model no-shows, to Hurricane Katrina devastating three of the cities he was scheduled to visit, the crew encountered numerous obstacles to overcome in order to keep the challenge alive.

Follow Gatlin on his epic journey and witness first hand the models’ candid interviews after each shoot as they examine his interpretation of beauty, and also how issues of self-esteem, confidence and more are defined in American culture today.

Featuring an incredible, 24-song soundtrack as diverse as the models Gatlin photographed and the terrain he covered, Beauty 24 is a cross-country adventure like you’ve never seen and will undoubtedly agree is  “an evolution in beauty and deconstruction of stereotypes.”

Running Time: 85 minutes


Screening History:

2009 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 American Artist Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Mammoth Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Tacoma Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Naperville Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Temecula Valley Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Sunset Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 CineVegas Film Festival “Special Screening”

2008 Cinerama Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Festivus Film Festival “Best Documentary”

2007 Myrtle Beach International Film Festival “Official Selection”

2007 WT Os International Film Festival in Norway “Official Selection”

2007 International Sweet Onion Film Festival “Official Selection”

2007 Kern Projections Film Festival, “Official Selection”

2007 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival “Official Selection”

2007 Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts “Official Selection”

2007 Longbaugh Film Festival “Official Selection”

2007 Trail Dance Film Festival “Best Cinematography”

2006 Tiburon International Film Festival “Special Screening”

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