Arch’s Iguanas

Protecting a species on the island of Roatan, Honduras

Synopsis – A documentary film about Sherman Arch, who began protecting iguanas on his personal property in the early 80’s after realizing that the population of the creatures was dwindling due to excessive hunting.

Now, 27 years later he has over 3,500 iguanas roaming his 10-acre “farm” and he continues to educate and entertain thousands of visitors each year about the dangers of over-hunting and poaching that threatens this animals’ existence on the island.

Running Time: 24 minutes

Narrated by Michael Pritchard

Screening History:

The Earth Cinema Circle, Volume 5

2009 Yosemite Film Festival, “Silver Sierra Award”

2009 EcoFocus Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 SEEDS at Earthdance Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 Pacific Palisades Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 East Carolina Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 Santa Cruz Film Festival “Endangered Species and Habitats Award”

2009 Tiburon Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 Lake County Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 Trail Dance Film Festival “Official Selection”

2009 Festivus Film Festival “Official Selection”

2008 Kaleidoskooppi Film Festival, Finland “Official Selection”

“Havana Holiday” Music Video from Finland’s “Rebound”

from the official soundtrack of Arch’s Iguanas

Still Photography from “Arch’s Iguana Park”

Contact Steve for pricing if interested in purchasing matted prints of images seen here.

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