Acrylic Groove

Starring: Neal Barbosa
Writer/Director: Steve Gatlin

ACRYLIC GROOVE is a film about Performance Painter Neal Barbosa, the shows he’s performed, art he creates and his first trip to play internationally, in Finland.


Over the past 4 years filmmaker Steve Gatlin has filmed Neal Barbosa performing alongside some of the greatest musical talents around and passing through the Bay Area. Neal’s energy on stage helps electrify the crowd as they listen to the music, but also witness his creation of art on canvas right before their eyes, all to the beats around them.
The number of acts are too many to many to list, but he has been seen on stage alongside such performers as Les Claypool, Fishbone, Pepper, Rocco Deluca, The Wailers, New Orleans Social Club, Johnny Gunn and Friends and many, many more.
You can learn more about Neal and his work here:

Neal has been featured in music videos, a trailer produced for the Tiburon International Film Festival, in magazines, album covers and private and public galleries.

In December 2010, Filmmaker Steve Gatlin traveled to Finland to record 3 new music videos and a live concert for Jupiter Stroll Records. The label also invited Neal go come and perform at their concert which featured 4 bands, headlined by the renowned “Melrose.”

Now we’re back and looking for more shows as well as sponsors and investors to keep this project rolling!
Please let us know if you have a show idea or concept for Acrylic Groove!

For more information or to help with sponsorship contact Steve Gatlin

Below are just a few examples of Neal Barbosa in action:

2 thoughts on “Acrylic Groove

  1. i just saw your works on Instagram and it’s amazing that you’re creating visual representations of the music being played… in real-time! so awesome

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